Bayou & Bottle


Bayou and Bottle was a new concept developed specifically for the Four Seasons hotel by well known restaurateur Richard Sandoval. With a focus on unique beverages and food parings, the restaurant itself was designed with the quote in mind "Houston's Living Room". With unique features such as a private dining and the first ever of its kind, the Topgolf Swing Suite, the website had to be both compelling and provide a unique view of the restaurant.

Starting with a very well planned photography, the pictures would be the main focus of the design. Each photo staged and set to showoff the unique layout and design of the restaurant itself. Working closely with the Four Seasons team the site was designed to send a specific message that this was not your normal whiskey bar. By focusing on the drinks and the unique "Swing Suite" the site sports cutting edge features such as a virtual tour of the "Swing Suite" and an amazingly eye catching design.

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